Visual Artist Shihui Zhou was born and raised in China, where she attended the prestigious Tsinghua University for her undergraduate work in fashion design. Traveling to the United States for her graduate study, Zhou worked closely under Visual artist Nick Cave at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Zhou moved to New York shortly after her graduation. She currently is in residency at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Zhou focuses on the human body and garments in her installations. Leveraging her own cross-cultural experience from the point-of-view of a spectator, her work thematically draws upon social structure, the feeling of cultural belonging, and intimacy in relationships. Using saved and collected, and recycled clothing & textiles within her art, much of the sentimentality and energy reflects memory and the past. In this way Zhou views her multi-sensory instillations as a form of poetry or storytelling— these visual and performing art spaces include sculpture, video, and sound which invite performing artists to collaborate while welcoming viewers to directly interact.

An exploration of human intersubjectivity, Zhou captures and defines moments of daily life; connections made between multitudes of people and activities illustrated through the garments we wear and the forms we occupy throughout our journey of self-discovery. Scavenged garments manipulate form and draw attention to the relationship between self-identity and clothing. Having spent time in the fashion industry, the enormous amount of waste and environmental neglect has urged Zhou to find a secondary purpose for used and discarded garments. Finding a way to utilize this resource while expressing herself through art, Zhou has a series of shows scheduled for 2019.